The latest in equipment from alarm companies

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The latest security equipment From Alarm Companies

There are numerous ways to protect property from damage, theft or vandalism. While most are pretty straight forward, as you would expect like CCTV, there are some pretty genius ways to monitor and secure premises from unwanted attention. Some of these devices may be available from good alarm companies, like, ready to be dispatched and installed for your convenience or to add to your inventory ready to fit at your clients premises. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you could be adding protection to increase overall safety in your place of work, residence or work site.

alarm companies supply access control

What’s out there

With the rise of voice activated smart technology, it was only a matter of time until you could apply this tech to locking systems. Voice activated door locks are becoming increasingly popular especially at work places where it can be difficult to continuously monitor all activity. On average these can be around the £200 mark, but worth the investment. Cameras have made great strides in recent times with the addition of facial recognition software being implemented into the cameras arsenal. This has resulted in a ‘stranger danger’ camera where it learns who is supposed to be there and activates an alarm when it detects a face that it does not recognise. These can start retailing from around the £130 mark.


Some of the other options out there available are control panels that can be accessed remotely, or controlled locally by touch screens and yes, again, voice commands. When set up correctly they are able to take control of various scenarios that would usually require you to do, such as monitoring rooms individually, activating alarms if set of circumstances are met outside your home. Other cool features include light control and locking access points to your premises when needed. These can start out at around £150 for a basic system.